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Power2Peak Tim Heemskerk - 28-07-2019 17:00:00

Milan Vader 3de op het EK MTB 2019 in Brno.

Power2Peak Tim Heemskerk - 12-11-2018 21:00:00

Ex-bondscoach Heemskerk naar performancestaf Team LottoNL-Jumbo.

Power2Peak Tim Heemskerk - 21-10-2018 13:38:00

Power2Peak sporter Kevin Panhuyzen verlengt zijn contract met 2 jaar.

Power2Peak Tim Heemskerk - 16-10-2018 10:57:00

De 24-jarige Panhuyzen kroonde zich dit seizoen tot Benelux-kampioen in Kluisbergen, eindigde op het podium in kleinere wedstrijden in Duitsland, het Verenigd Koninkrijk, Hongarije en ook in de slotmanche van de 3 Nations Cup in Sittard, en haalde net top twintig op het wereldkampioenschap in het Zwitserse Lenzerheide. Dat allemaal ondanks een polsbreuk vroeg in het seizoen.

Power2Peak stands for: working together, together stronger, a good cooperation between athlete and coach to perform well and enjoy your sports even more.

A good training schedule is no standardized training schedule purely based on science. It’s an individualized, goal-oriented approach tailored for the individual. This is why I call every training schedule with great pride a "small work of art" to reach the athlete’s goals.

Video: Eurosport - Milan Vader 3rd place at the 2019 European Championships MTB in Brno.

Milan Vader EK MTB 2018
Milan Vader 3rd place at the 2018 European Championships MTB in Graz.

Milan Vader Tim Heemskerk
Foto: Sebastian Schieck

Cyclocross team USA WK Valkenburg 2018

Cyclocross training Watersley

Media & Testimonials

Tim is someone with knowledge and knows how to use this knowledge to control peaking. Daily monitoring is essential for this. Really a strength!

Milan Vader

From Tim I learned the scientific side of sports. He also taught me how to monitor cyclists. He is very good in gathering information and coming to a conclusion based on this information. He lets his cyclists describe their feelings with a grade every morning. This is what I learned from him. I learned a lot of Tim's trainingmethods as well.

Gerben de Knegt - Wielersport, Edition 1, 2018

I train either very calm or very hard. [complete article (Dutch)]

Milan Vader - Wielersport, Jaargang 6, Editie 2, 2018

Tim took me to a higher level last year, by monitoring me very well we quickly made a big step forward.

Kevin Panhuyzen

Power2Peak Milan Vader WK 2016
Foto: Hoshi Yoshida


My name is Tim Heemskerk, 48 years young, married and I have a son called Jens.

Cycling, and specifically Mountainbike, is my passion. As a mountainbiker I was active at an international level with participation at World Cup races and the European and World Championships in the Elite category.

Next to being an athlete I was doing an education to get my University degree: I completed a Master degree in Exercise Science at the University of Maastricht. More recently I got my Master coach in Sports degree through our NOC.

When I was 18 years young my passion for coaching and training athletes already started. In 2004 my wife and me moved to Canada where I started my coaching company called: TTP.

We lived in Canada for 5 years where I trained and coached athletes over the years. After 5 years we moved back to The Netherlands again and I started as National Coach MTB. As a National Coach I coached and trained athletes for 7 years, doing numerous World Cup races, European Championship races, World Championship races and 2 times the Olympic Games: London and Rio de Janeiro. An exciting 7 years with some great succes, but also great disappointments. These experiences make you grow as a person and I am thankful for that!

As a coach you’re always learning and growing as the sports is always moving forward. You have to keep challenging your athletes and yourself to be on top of the game.

After my period as National Coach Mountainbike, Power2Peak was born and raised for road cyclists and offroad- cyclists. For the the past 2 years, it was a really nice time working together with the athletes being part of the Power2Peak program.

Power2Peak Tim Heemskerk Rio 2016

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